Great golf course design shows respect for the natural environment and strikes a balance between surfaces that look impressive, can be affordably maintained and offer players challenge and enjoyment.

We work with our partner architects or your design team to create new golf course elements, making maximum use of the existing landscape and choosing the right turf grasses for the climate, your golf course and player traffic.

We conduct site audits to understand topography, soil types and drainage challenges then identify the best materials and construction methods for the job so you know you’re on budget at the design stage.


We plan a solid works schedule so your project, or any part of it, is constructed on time for next tee off. That means works happening where and when they should according to design specifications and growing seasons.

We perform earthworks and shaping so contours and elevations are exact, build drainage systems that work for each fairway, green and bunker, and choose grass varieties that suit golf course elements and stand up to weather conditions. We can also complete your project with pathways and landscaping that are sustainable and fit with the natural surroundings.

In short, we deliver the first class playing surface you imagined.


Natural wear and tear, poor drainage or lack of playing challenge are just a few reasons for golf course renovations or remodelling. We identify existing or potential problems that can impact the long-term playability and maintenance of your course then put together a detailed plan of action.

If renovations are carried out when your course is still in play, we take every step to minimise disruption and ensure safety, working to an agreed schedule and clearly marking out works areas and traffic routes.

With our track record in design and construction methods, your golf course will soon restore its competitive edge.

Maintain your Golf Course

Golf courses are high maintenance – size, features, different turf grasses, water and irrigation systems all need your attention. We create an annual maintenance plan that’s specific to your golf course and works around your fixture schedule. We also carry out maintenance on an ad-hoc basis so feel free to contact us when you need advice and extra support.

Here’s how we help you stay on course:


Primary: main and lateral drains

Secondary: sand slitting, sand banding, gravel banding

  • Hollow coring
  • Solid tine
  • Shockwave
  • Vertidraining
  • Scarification

Sport pitches, cricket fields and golf fairways

Top Dressing
  • Pedestrian
  • Tractor towed
Turfing & Seeding
  • Over-seeding
  • Direct drill and seed
  • Turf laid up to 1.2m wide
  • Lay and play (40mm rootzone turf)
  • Washed sod

Hard: paving, walkways, buggy paths and car parks

Soft: tree planting, wetlands and environmental habitats

Turf Products

We sell a range of turf care products including fertilisers, pesticides, soil conditioners and nutrient supplements to keep the grasses on your putting greens and fairways healthy and hard-wearing.

View our shop to and browse product specifications, data sheets and prices.