Lakes and ponds can play more than an aesthetic role on your golf course or parkland – they’re a vital part of water management.

Our site investigation looks at the proposed location for your reservoir, lake or waterway, its purpose, ground conditions and the surrounding landscape. Whether you want water storage or a special feature, positioning and size are key to proper drainage, maximum water conservation, controlling run-off and enhancing the landscape.

We work with experts in lake and waterway design but can partner with your architect to get the right plan and specifications for the job.


In any water project, design and technical specifications need to be followed to the last detail so the finished product functions as it should, ensuring water quality and safety, and minimal maintenance.

We understand the science and the technicalities – we carry out earthworks to prepare the basin or channel, install lining systems to prevent water loss, filter or aeration systems to protect water quality and pumps to regulate water levels.

We complete the job with landscaping and restore any damaged areas with the right plants and turf so your lake or waterway looks like it belongs there.


There are a few reasons why it might be the right time to renovate. Sediment build-up and erosion of banks can make your reservoir or lake unsightly and unsafe, while algae can stop pumps and filter systems from functioning properly. Or, maybe it’s just time for some remodelling.

We survey your site to assess the extent of the problems and look at topography and site access to decide the best remedy with the least disruption to your course or parkland. For lakes and reservoirs, we have the skills and machinery to cope with large scale de-silting or dredging to clear basins and channels efficiently.

We use our construction know-how to restore lakes and water features to their perfect natural state, with reshaping and contouring giving them that special edge.

Maintain your Lakes & Waterways

Best practice maintenance keeps your lake or water feature functioning properly and looking its best.

With our maintenance contracts, we create a schedule of works specifically for your site and within your budget. Or, if you take care of your own maintenance but need advice or support from time to time, we’re happy to work with you on an ad-hoc basis.

Services include:

  • Thinning reed beds and environmental wetlands
  • Desilting and dredging lakes and reservoirs
  • Lake lining
  • Reshaping and contouring
  • Aquatic plant management
  • Aquatic weed management

Turf Products

We sell a range of products to keep natural grass surfaces around your lakes and waterways in peak condition, including a full range of floral meadow seeds.

View our shop to and browse product specifications, data sheets and prices.