Barenbrug Bar Flora Green Roof

BARFLORA Green Roof is an ideal mixture for sowing onto engineered substrates of green roof schemes.

This wild flower mixture is suitable for sowing onto engineered substrates of green roof schemes.

Wildflower roofs are a beautiful alternative for green roofs and this mixture of 24 species comprising 85% flora and 15% grasses are native to the British Isles.

The grasses chosen are also native to the UK and are chosen to complement the flowers and not to compete with them. This allows the flowers to succeed rather than be swamped by the grasses giving it a unique blend of colour and texture.

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The product


85% Flora and 15% grasses designed for green roofs:

In the bag

8% Kidney Vetch

6% Agrimony

5% Rough Hawkbit

5% Bladder Campion

5% Crested Dogstail – Grass

5% Sweet Vernal – Grass

2% Common Sorrel

1.5% Red Clover

1% Common Toad Flax

7% Birdsfoot Trefoil

6% Lady’s Bedstraw

6% Self Heal

6% Salad Burnet

6% Cowslip

5% Common Vetch

4% Vipers Bugloss

4% Wild Carrot

4% Wild Marjoram

4% Ox-eye Daisy

4% Yarrow

3% Hoary Plantain

1% St Johns Wort

1% Small Scabious – Wildflower

0.5% Wild Thyme – Wildflower

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Weight 20 kg


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