Andersons 28-3-10 ~ Polysports – Fairways & Sportsfield

NS-54 Coated, Slow-Release Nitrogen
NS-54 is a polymer-coated, sulfur-coated urea product, perfected for controlled release nitrogen feeding. As a newer technology, NS-54 provides a higher percent nitrogen and less sulfur.

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PolySportsᆴ products are high quality SGN 150-240 blended fertilizers designed for higher cut turf such as fairways & sportsfields. Slow release nitrogen comes from the following polymer coated technologies: NS-54TM polymer coated sulfur coated urea and ExtendTM polymer coated urea.

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Andersons 28-3-10 ~ 50% - Data Sheet
Andersons 28-3-10 ~ 50% - Product Sheet
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