Andersons 6-0-12 ~ Nutri DG Greens

Contec DG 6-0-12 Micros AS
Package Weight (lbs.)40.0
Bulk Density (lb/cu. ft.)65.

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ユ Patented dispersing granule formula
ユ Greatly reduces fertilizer loss due to ball, shoe & mower pickup.
ユ Contains manganese & magnesium to correct deficien- cies.
ユ Lighter color improves visibility and aids in precise application
ユ K-Mag to help root systems develop and build turf resistance to stress.
ユ Ideal product for spoon-feeding programs.
ユ Contains Protein Hydrolysate to build secondary root formation, improve heat and drought tolerance and enhance nutrient availability.

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Weight 20 kg


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Andersons 6-0-12 ~ 100% Amm Sul - Data Sheet
Andersons 6-0-12 ~ 100% Amm Sul - Product Sheet
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