Andersons 9-0-18 – Nutri DG – Greens & Tees

Contec DG 9-0-18 6% Mn 0.3% Fe 65% MUtech ᅠ35% AS ᅠ
Package Weight (lbs.)40.0
Bulk Density (lb/cu. ft.)55.8

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ユ Patented dispersing granule formula
ユ Greatly reduces nutrient loss due to ball, shoe & mower pickup.
ユ SGN 75 – ideal for greens use.
ユ 65% of the nitrogen is from MUtechTM controlled release N.
ユ 35% of the nitrogen is from ammoniumᅠsulphate
ユ Contains 0.3% iron from ferrous sulfate for enhanced color.
ユ High manganese formula – contains 6% manganese from manganeseᅠsulphate.

Contec DG is a combination of premium turf nutrients and our patented dispersing granule technology, designed to optimize granular applied turf nutrition. Upon contact with water, each granule disperses into thousands of micro particles that move through the turf canopy into the root zone. This dispersibility eliminates problems with mower pick-up, sticky residue on equipment, and product run-off.

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Weight 20 kg


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Andersons 9-0-18 Nutri DG - Data Sheet
Andersons 9-0-18 Nutri DG - Product Sheet
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