Barenbrug Bar Flora Chalk

BARFLORA Chalk contains wild flower species suitable for chalk and limestone soils.

Contains 20 native species. Species contained in this mixture are typically found in natural chalk and limestone meadows. Calcareous soil mixture for chalk and other limestone areas.

This rich mixture is suitable for sowing onto thin lime-rich soils of low fertility and with a significant chalk or limestone content.

Sowing BARFLORA Chalk directly onto exposed chalk or limestone can produce some of the most interesting results; establishment will be slower than on well developed soils, but less management will be needed.

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The product


80% low maintenance grasses for chalk and 20% flora blend of wildflowers designed for chalk areas.

In the bag

6% Greater Knapweed

2% Rough Hawkbit

8% Black Knapweed

8% Self Heal

8% Lady’s Bedstraw

7% Bulbous Buttercup

7% Field Scabious

6% Meadow Buttercup

6% Birdsfoot Trefoil

6% Wild Carrot

6% Small Scabious – Wildflower

5% Salad Burnet

5% Yarrow

4% Hoary Plantain

4% Ox-eye Daisy

3% Dropwort – Wildflower

3% Wild Mignonette – Wildflower

3% Wild Marjoram

2% Cowslip

1% Wild Clary

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