Barenbrug Bar Flora Coastal

BARFLORA Coastal is a mixture of native wildflowers found in coastal areas and can tolerate moderate salinity.

Contains 19 native species which are suitable for coastal and exposed areas subject to wind driven salt.

The species will be generally be more dwarf and include some hard species which are able to withstand theᅠdesiccationᅠfrom the winds.

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The product


80% low maintenance grasses and 20% of flora blend of wildflowers suitable for coastal areas.

In the bag

8% Tufted Vetch

8% Kidney Vetch

8% Greater Knapweed

5% Common Century

4% Bladder Campion

10% Birdsfoot Trefoil

8% Common Knapweed

6% Lady’s Bedstraw

6% Wild Carrot

6% Vipers Bugloss

5% Self Heal

5% Salad Burnet

5% Yarrow

5% Hoary Plantain

4% Ox-eye Daisy

3% Yellow Toadflax – Wildflower

2% St Johns Wort

1% Goat’s Beard – Wildflower

1% Wild Thyme – Wildflower

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Weight 20 kg


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