Barenbrug Bar Flora Hedgerow

BARFLORA Hedgerow and Shade contains wild flowers that are tolerant of semi-shade and is suitable for sowing beneath newly planted or established hedges and on woodland edges, rides and glades.

Contains 20 native species. Species in this mixture are frequently found in hedgerows, woodland edges, clearings and open woods.

Can also be sown in partial shade; hedge bottoms, tree plantations and woodland rides.

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The product


20% of the following Flora blend and 80% low maintenance grasses for hedgerows and shade.

In the bag

10% Agrimony

8% Foxglove

7% Wood Avens

6% Wood Sage

4% Hedge Garlic

4% Hairy St Johns Wort

3% Upright Hedge Parsley

3% Nettle Leaved Bellflower

2% Bush Vetch

2% Wood Vetch

0.5% Greater Mullein

0.5% Lords-and-Ladies

10% Black Knapweed

8% Red Campion

8% Self Heal

8% Field Scabious

6% Yarrow

5% Hedge Woundwort

4% Hedge Bedstraw

1% Hedgerow Crane’s-bill – Wildflo

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


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