Barenbrug Bar Flora Parkland

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A native wildflowers mixture for parkland golf courses.

The range of wildflora species have been carefully chosen and selected for their ability to create a meadow on a range of nutrient rich soil types and locations with a neutral pH normally found on parkland golf courses.

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Wildflowers for golf courses

Three dedicated perennial wildflower mixtures areᅠavailable with 100 percent wildflowerᅠspecies selected carefully to match theᅠenvironments and soil types typicalᅠof Parkland, Links and Heathlandᅠgolf courses.

All wildflowers are UKᅠprovenance, enabling you to create aᅠnew haven for native wildlife.

Annual wildflower blend, BARᅠCOLOUR, completes the range and isᅠideal for a dramatic display of colour for a short-term period.ᅠWith each perennial wildflowerᅠproduct, we have suggested grass seedᅠmixtures to be supplied separately.

This novel approach gives totalᅠflexibility, enabling end-users to targetᅠspecific areas for wildflower planting and adjusting sowing rates to aidᅠestablishment of the accompanyingᅠgrass.

For instance, you may wish to sowᅠa large area of diversity grassland,ᅠbut concentrate efforts to establishᅠwildflowers in small pockets to maximiseᅠvisual impact. Adopting this tactic mayᅠalso help to lower the budget of theseᅠbeneficial projects.

The product

In the bag

22% Self Heal

20% Common Knapweed

15% Native Red Clover

14% Lady’s Bedstraw

12% Birdsfoot Trefoil

9% Field Scabious

8% Wild Carrot



BAR 12orᅠBAR 13


Wildflowers – ᅠ 1g per m2
Grasses in areas with flowers – 5g per m2
Areas without flowers:
BAR 12 & BAR 20 – 10-15g per m2
BAR 13 – 15-20g per m2

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