Barenbrug Bar Flora Wetland

BARFLORA Wetlandᅠcontains wild flower species suitable for seasonally wet soils and is based on the vegetation of traditional water meadows.

Soils in wet meadows may flood for short periods in winter, but are usually well drained in summer.

Contains 21 native species. Species in this mixture are frequently found in grassland alongside streams, ponds and rivers and will also thrive in wet low lying land. Avoid sowing if there is imminent risk of flooding.

Suitable for pond, lake and waters edges.

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The product


20% of the following Flora blend and 80% low maintenance grasses for wet soils.

In the bag

9% Meadowsweet

8% Greater Birdsfoot Trefoil

8% Meadow Buttercup

8% Self Heal

8% Ribwort Plantain

8% Yellow Rattle

8% Devilsbit Scabious

6% Sneezewort – Wildflower

5% Lesser Pond Sedge – Wildflower

5% Ragged Robin

4% Gipsywort – Wildflower

4% Purple Loosestrife

4% Yellow Flag Iris – Wildflower

4% Ox-eye Daisy

2% Marsh Marigold – Wildflower

2% Lesser Spearwort – Wildflower

2% Square Stemmed St John’s – Wildflower

2% Water Figwort – Wildflower

1% Soft Rush – Wildflower

1% Hemp Agrimony

1% Fleabane – Wildflower

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


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