Headland Quickstart Maxi 22-5-5

Quickstart Sports and fairway outfield fertiliser

Quickstart Sports and Fairway is a new range of quick release, conventional fertilisers for outfield turf including golf fairways, sports pitches and race courses.

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The range incorporates 2 products:
Quickstart 21-5-10 3MgO Micronutrients
Quickstart 12-12-17 2MgO Micronutrients

Both products are formulated with a high nutrient analysis and a midi sized, homogeneous granule that allows low application rates to be utilised with ease.

High Analysis ヨ Low Application Rate

Quickstart 21-5-10 3MgO Micronutrients provides the same amount of nitrogen applied at 15g/m2 as a conventional 9-7-7 fairway fertiliser applied at 35g/m2. Therefore the same nutrient input can be achieved using 6 x 25kg bags per hectare of Quickstart as opposed to 14 bags of 9-7-7. Thatメs less handling, less storage and less bags to dispose of afterwards.

Midi Granulation ヨ Optimum coverage at low application rates

Both Quickstart analyses are formulated with an average granule size of 2mm (SGN200). 90% of the granules fall between 1mm ヨ 2.5mm compared to the more normal 2mm ヨ 4mm granule size of a competitor. This size grading allows Quickstart to be applied at rates as low as 15g/m2 through either a pedestrian or tractor mounted spreader, such as a Vicon and still achieve excellent coverage per m2.

Homogeneous Formulation

Many fairway fertilisers feature a number of different fertiliser components blended together to provide a suitable analysis, but unless these components are very similar in size, shape and density, application can lead to uneven distribution of nutrient across an area. Both Quickstart formulations are homogeneous. All the nutrients declared in the analysis are present in each and every granule, with breakdown and dispersal into the sward rapidly achieved upon contact with moisture.

Optimum Formulation Chemistry

To achieve a quick response, particularly at low soil temperatures, field trials have consistently shown that the grass plant responds particularly well to applications of both ammonium and nitrate nitrogen. All of the nitrogen in Quickstart is split between the ammonium and nitrate forms. In addition, for maximum turf safety, the potassium is present in the sulphate form with its low salt index (scorch risk), compared to competitor products that are usually formulated in the cheaper, but more scorch-prone chloride form. Quickstart also contains magnesium and sulphur, important secondary plant nutrients and iron, boron and zinc micronutrients.

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