Headland Clipless

Restricting the growth of grass plants can reduce the frequency of mowing resulting in improved sward density and less clippings to be disposed of. Reduced growth also means less frequent need for trimming edges of paths, pavements and flower beds and can be especially useful in difficult areas such as sloping banks.

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Clipless, from Headland, is a new plant growth regulator based on Trinexapac-ethyl for the management of amenity turf areas such as golf course fairways, tees and greens, sports fields, parks, cemeteries and turf farms, in fact for use on all areas of amenity grassland and managed amenity turf.

Clipless works by blocking the production of a specific gibberellic acid, a plant hormone responsible for promoting top growth in grasses within the plant leaf, stopping cell elongation and upward growth. The pesticide is absorbed by the grass foliage and transported to the growing points at the base of the plants.

Application can commence as soon as spring growth has started. (typically mid-April on outfield or coarse turf and mid-late May on fine turf), with one application shortening the blades of grass for up to 4 weeks. This results in a more compact growth habit. Energy is diverted away from vertical growth towards lateral growth and root development, providing a closer, denser sward.

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