Headland Seamac Ultra Plus

Seamac Ultra Plus Liquid biostimulant with organic seaweed extract plus amino acids

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Seamac Ultra Plus is a concentrated formulation of bioactive seaweed extract with 17 plant-available amino acids in an easy to apply liquid form. The bioactive seaweed extract is processed soon after harvesting to maintain the natural goodness present and independent tests have shown is especially high in gibberrellic acid ヨ a known plant growth hormone.

Amino Acid Content

The benefits of using seaweed extracts as foliar and root drench applications are well established on sports turf, but with Seamac Ultra Plus, the formulation is greatly enhanced by the presence of plant-available amino acids.

Amino acids are involved in numerous functions that facilitate healthy plant growth including shoot and root development, nitrogen transfer within the plant, chlorophyll production and protection against pathogens to name but a few.

Enhanced Growth in Stress Situations

When a plant is growing normally it uses energy produced during the photosynthetic process to produce amino acids, however when it is under stress, the efficiency of this process can be severely reduced leading to a decrease in the amount of amino acids produced.

Application of amino acids from an external source, (such as Seamac Ultra Plus) when a plant is under stress stimulates growth and recovery. Fundamental building blocks necessary to facilitate growth are provided, with no need for the plant to expend energy that is already in short supply.

Foliar Application of Amino Acids

Plants are able to absorb amino acids through the leaves. However if the molecular weight of the amino acid is too great, (>400 Daltons) this process is inefficient. The average molecular weight of the amino acids present in Seamac Ultra Plus is 130 Daltons and this allows them to be absorbed in a few hours, penetrating the cell membrane and rapidly becoming incorporated in the metabolic routes of protein synthesis. Foliar application is especially effective in stimulating chlorophyll production when the plant is under stress as the plant can struggle to manufacture amino acids of its own.

Root Application of Amino Acids

The low molecular weight of the amino acids in Seamac Ultra Plus, are also capable of absorption by plant roots. Applied as a soil drench they stimulate the activity of micro organisms and increase the efficiency of nitrogen transfer through the plant. Root development is specifically stimulated by the presence of Arginine ヨ a key amino acid involved in root formation.

Pack Size: 10L and 100L please contact us for 100L Pricing

Seamac Ultra Application Rates
Application Rate- 10 L/ha
Water Rate- 200 – 600 L/ha

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