Headland Solufeed 15.0.25 +MGO +Micro Nutrients

Solufeed NK 15.0.25

A water soluble formulation featuring a combination of technical grade sulphate of ammonia combined with potassium nitrate and magnesium.

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Solufeed NK 15-0-25 MgO
Combining technical grade sulphate of ammonia with potassium nitrate and magnesium, Solufeed NK 15-0-25 is excellent for low temperature use.

Using both sulphate of ammonia to give low temperature availability of ammoniacal nitrogen, surface acidification and enhanced solubility & potassium nitrate to supply nitrate nitrogen, Solufeed NK 15-0-25 offers optimum low temperature response.

During both cool and warm periods, Solufeed NK 15-0-25 is an excellent tankmix partner for a range of other Headland products.

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