Headland Surpass Pro

A contact fungicide for use against Fusarium Patch and Red Thread in amenity turf.

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SurpassPRO is a new liquid fungicide containing Iprodione, with both curative and preventative activity, for the control of Fusarium Patch and Red Thread on amenity turf. SurpassPRO can also be mixed
with Headlandメs ムThrottleメ fungicide as well as a range of Headlandメs plant protection products, to give cost effective, programmed disease control.

Contact action against Microdichium nivale (Fusarium Patch) and Laetisaria fuciformis (Red Thread).
Liquid formulation of Iprodione provides both preventative and curative control.
Can be used in Headlandメs disease management programme.
Tank mixable with ムThrottleメ fungicide and Headlandメs 20/20/30* combination.
First choice for disease control in cooler, slower growing months of the year.
Approved for Knapsack application.

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