Headland Tricure AD

TriCure AD Aqua Dynamics

TriCure AD is the next generation of the TriCure family and has been designed to improve upon the excellent characteristics of the original product and provide new benefits for the user.

Formulated to aid even water penetration into dry and compacted soils, TriCure AD is a unique turf wetting agent that treats all types of rootzone particles, such as soil and sand, as well as organic matter, including peat and thatch.

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New ヨ Improved Dry-down characteristics

Getting water to drain quickly can positively affect growing and playing conditions. Use of TriCure AD can increase the speed of drainage resulting in faster soil surface dry-down characteristics and a more rapid return to play after rain or irrigation.

TriCure AD works by attaching to soil particles, reducing the surface tension of water, and attracting a thin film of water close to the particle surface. This allows optimum moisture retention for plant uptake, whilst facilitating effective drainage and release of excessive water.

New ヨ Improved irrigation efficiency

University studies have shown that hydrophobic soil treated with TriCure AD requires as little as a third as much water to reach optimum moisture levels. Water conservation benefits and cost savings associated with reduced irrigation levels can be expected from programmed applications of TriCure AD.

Research from Rutgers University has demonstrated that TriCure AD stimulates root and shoot growth, aiding recovery rates in stressed and damaged turf.

TriCure AD

Prevents and cures hydrophobic conditions and Dry-Patch
Treats all rootzone particles including peat and thatch
Shows improved soil surface dry-down characteristics
Reduces irrigation needed to maintain healthy turf
Is safe to apply ヨ no need for additional irrigation to prevent scorch.

TriCure AD application

Commence applications in March to ensure that soil moisture conditions are optimised before any likelihood of spring drought stress. Apply to a dry rootzone and wash product off the leaf to maximise efficiency, though there is no risk of scorch. Apply monthly according to temperature and stress levels on the plant with the final, lower rate application in September. TriCure AD is broken down naturally in the soil by microbial activity and therefore no residual activity will persist into the winter.

Application Usage- EarlySeason

Application Rate- 7 L / Ha

Water Volume- 600 – 800L / Ha

Supplementary irrigation- Wash product off leaf before next cut

Pack Size- 10L & 100L

Filter Recommendation- 30# mesh

Curative Severe Dry Patch

20 L /Ha
600 – 800L / Ha
Wash product off leaf before next cut
30# mesh

Pack size: 10 litre

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