Headland XL Fairway

XL Fairway Powerful penetrant wetting agent with bioactive seaweed extract

XL Fairway is powerful soil wetter with bioactive seaweed extract designed for use on golf course fairways, sports pitches and outfield turf.

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Increased water penetration

The Organosiloxane soil surfactants used in XL Fairway have excellent penetrant capabilities, helping moisture to move into the soil profile, – optimising the use of applied irrigation and preventing loss through run-off. Field trials have also shown that application of XL Fairway provides a short-term dew dispersal effect, thereby minimising disease potential and providing a drier cut.

Bioactive Seaweed

XL Fairway also features a highly active seaweed extract, rich in gibberellic acid, to aid plant growth processes and reduce stress. Field trials have shown that application of XL Fairway results in a more consistent and even turf cover as hydrophobic ムhot spotsメ are dissipated by the penetrating action of the soil surfactant and the ingression of moisture.

Tank Mixing

XL Fairway is suitable for application with other tank mix components designed to act in the soil, such as Chlorpyrifos or Carbendazim, but should not be mixed with foliar absorbed materials due to placement incompatibility. (XL Fairway is designed to act in the soil, not on the leaf).

XL Fairway Application Rates

Area of use- Coarse turf

Application type- Root drench

Application Rate-
Per ha- 10 litres
Per 100m2- 100ml

Water Rate

Per ha- 200-450 litres

Per 100m2- 2-4.5 litres

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