Headland Xtend 46-0-0 Granular

Headland Xtend ヨ Stabilized Nitrogenᆴ fertilisers

Headland Xtend is designed for cost effective use on all outfield turf. It features a unique soluble, slow release nitrogen that is safe to apply and lasts for up to 3 months. It can be applied as a granule, or as a liquid spray.

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How it works

Headland Xtend uses UFLEXX stabilized nitrogenᆴ technology. Each urea prill is treated with two soluble chemical coatings to:

1. Prevent loss of nitrogen to the atmosphere (volatilisation)
Untreated urea is prone to volatilisation, not only resulting in loss of applied nitrogen but causing severe scorch under certain climatic condition

2. Slow down nitrogen conversion in the soil.
This means that the nitrogen stays in outfield type soils much longer, as it binds more easily to clay and organic matter particles. Because of this, it is more resistant to leaching and will provide a response under cool conditions.

Where to use Headland Xtend

Xtend is particularly suited for use on all coarse turf areas including golf tees and fairways, sportsgrounds, and general amenity turf.

Straight Nitrogen products
Xtend straight nitrogen formulations are available as a slow release granule, as a freely dissolving soluble, or as a liquid.

Xtend 46-0-0 Granular
Has an average prill size of 2.0 mm (SGN 200) providing ideal distribution characteristics through a pedestrian or fairway rotary spreader.

Weed and feed treatments

Both Xtend Soluble and Xtend Liquid are fully tank-mixable with Headlands market leading selective herbicide, Relay Turf providing a low-cost ムweed and feedメ application.

Mix Relay Turf (5 L per Ha) with either 30Kg of Xtend Soluble or 60L of Xtend Liquid and apply in 300 litres of water per hectare.


All of these formulations are designed for application through a pedestrian or Vicon fairway spreader.

Apply after cutting to allow maximum time for the granule to penetrate the sward between cuts. Pickup is minimal as Xtend is fully soluble. Water in if applications are made during dry, hot periods.

Avoid application during or before frosty conditions.

Headland Xtend Application Rates

Granule size- Regular
Longevity- 2-3 months
Application Rate- 10-20 g/m2
Bag Size – 20Kg
Bag Coverage- 5-10 bags/ha

Additional information

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