Floratine Turgor

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Turgor provides ultimate turf strength and wear tolerance with silicon and potassium in readily available forms. Turgor strengthens cell structure, improves leaf turgidityラreducing mower blade tearing, and improves stress resistance and wear tolerance. Turgor contains proprietary technology which allows it to be readily absorbed by the root system, making the silicon significantly more mobile within the plant.

Potash (K2O) 5.00%
Sulfur (S) 2.00%
Silicon (Si) 2.00%
Derived from potassium thiosulfate and potassium silicate.

Net Weight: 10.06 lb/gal (1.205 kg/L)


Apply with any equipment that delivers an even coverage to the targeted area. Soil applications should be lightly watered in. Turgor is suitable for foliar application, but is best suited as a single-product spray.

Turgor is ideal for soil application. A load rate of 6 fl oz / 1000 sq ft (20 L/ha) aids in countering deficiencies. Maintenance rates at 3 fl oz / 1000 sq ft (10 L/ha) every 10-14 days will help maintain beneficial amounts of silicon in the plant.

Turgor is generally compatible with most pesticides and nitrogen fertilizer solutions. Use extra caution if tank mixing with micronutrients. Determine compatibility by utilizing the standard jar test prior to tank mixing. Tank mixing with micronutrients may be possible when sprayed at higher spray volumes and at higher dilutions. For best mixing results, remove tank strainer prior to product addition. Shake well before using.

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