Vinyl Guard – Flag Sticks – 5/8″ – 250ft

1/2″ Flag Sticks require 5/8″ Vinyl Guard

VinylGuard shrink-wrap is the ultimate renewal and protection solution for golf course equipment
Apply a good-looking, better than new, low cost, exterior grade vinyl covering in just minutes with a heat gun. Refurbish and extend the life of:

Bunker Rake Handles

Hazard Stakes

Ball Washer Posts

Flag sticks

Out-of -Bounds Stakes

And More

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FS-5000 for 1/2″ Regulation Flagsticks
Packaging – 250 ft. Spool per Box
Low cost – a 250 ft. spool covers 30 – 35 1/2-inch regulation flagsticks for about $3.25 a flagstick
Very attractive, matching the popular brands’ colors
Extremely durable, easy to clean and will last for years
Quick and simple to apply using a heat gun
Design your own configuration of stripes

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